FAQs / T&Cs

Do I need to print my email / ticket?

No printing is required. You will receive an email confirmation including information from our booking partner Turitop, please check your spam folder if you have not received. If you have not received an email, you possibly have entered an incorrect email address or your booking did not go through - please email us on info@fortlucan.com and we can check for you. On the day, please have your QR code (from your booking email) ready for scanning at the entrance gate, and your booking details will be on the entry list for the particular time date and time slot.

Can I change the date or time of my ticket or cancel my booking?

Fort Lucan does not issue refunds, there is no legal right to cancel as the booking is for leisure activities to take place on a specific date as described in regulation 13 of the European Union Consumer Information (Rights) Regulations 2013 (SI 484/2013’).

However, booking dates may be changed up to 48 hours in advance of the event date. Please click the Manage My Booking link in your booking confirmation email to amend your booking. After 48 hours prior to the event date, no further changes or transfers can be made to a booking.

Fort Lucan accepts no responsibility for a customer’s inability to attend the park due to any external factor including but not exclusive to traffic restrictions, illness, weather conditions etc.

In the event that Fort Lucan must close the full park, a return ticket will be issued.

Do you have group rates?

Due to very positive customer feedback Fort Lucan has decided to continue with reduced capacity again this year, therefore unfortunately we can not offer any group discount. There may be discount codes issued from time to time via our social media.

What is the difference between entry only and entry with a wristband?

Entry only (€16) does not include turns on the large slide attractions (Raging River, Helter Skelter, Waterfall)
Entry with wristband (€28) includes all attractions (once height restrictions are met)
If entry only is booked online, a wristband can be purchased on the day from the ice-cream shop for €12, price works out the same online / on site.

What should I wear?

Children should wear tracksuits and long-sleeved tops with runners. We recommend bringing a change of clothes / shoes as the children will get wet on the waterslides! If there is rain, please wear a coat / wellies & bring an umbrella as Fort Lucan is all outdoors! Flip flops, Crocs, Sandals, high heels etc are not suitable!

Can I bring a dog?

We are only able to permit registered assistance dogs.

Can a child go to Fort Lucan with a broken bone?

Yes he child can attend, but unfortunately they would need to sit with a parent / guardian for the day and would not be allowed to play on any of the equipment.

Can I bring Scooters, Trikes, Footballs etc. to Fort Lucan?

Unfortunately certain Items like Tricycles, Rollerblades, Pull along wagons, Heely's, Push -Trikes, Scooters & Footballs are not allowed in Fort Lucan.

What is the Fort Lucan smoking policy?

Smoking or vaping is not allowed in any space within Fort Lucan. You will be asked to put out your cigarettes / vape by our staff members if you are found to be breaching this policy.

Can I bring alcohol into Fort Lucan?

No, please do not open or consume alcohol anywhere on Fort Lucan property.

Do we have to pre-book our tickets? Are they refundable?

All tickets must be purchased online in advance of your visit. Due to limited ticket availability early booking is suggested. Tickets will not be available to purchase from the entrance desk, nor does Fort Lucan accept any cash payments for entry tickets. Unfortunately pre paid tickets are non refundable. Ticket times and dates can be changed up to 48 hours prior to the start time of the event date, using the "Manage My Booking" link in your original confirmation email.

What time do the attractions close?

All attractions, apart from the ice-cream shop and cafe, close 15 minutes earlier than the time slot closing time to ensure all visitors in the queue will have time to use the attraction prior to closing and change wet clothes prior to leaving. The ice-cream shop and cafe close 30 minutes earlier than the time slot closing time.

How long will I be at Fort Lucan?

Each time slot is for a maximum of 3.5 hours and all attractions, apart from the ice-cream shop and cafe, close 15 minutes earlier than the time slot closing time. The ice-cream shop and cafe close 30 minutes earlier than the time slot closing time.

Is there anything to eat in Fort Lucan?

We have a cafe serving sausage and chips or chicken gujons and chips. We also sell sandwiches, pizza, cakes, ice-creams, tea, etc.

Can I bring my own food into Fort Lucan?

You may bring your own sweets and picnic food / drinks but we don’t allow pizza / burgers / chips etc from other companies (eg McDonalds / Apache pizza) to be brought into Fort Lucan

Are there height restrictions?

The Raging River and Crazy Golf have a minimum height restrictions of 1 meter. The waterfall has a minimum height restriction of 1.1 meter. The Helter Skelter has a minimum height restriction of 1.25 meter.

What is the age limit?

In Fort Lucan, the age group for a child entry is 3 up to 13. Anyone over age 13 can not use the equipment, with the exception of the Blue Waterslide and the Crazy Golf. Therefore anyone aged over 13 can be booked under an adult ticket €7. On the day a blue adult wristband €10.00 can be purchased in the ice-cream shop for the child aged over 13, which can be used on the Blue Waterslide ONLY (There is no charge for crazy golf)

All persons under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult aged over 18. Adults must purchase an adult entry ticket.

All slides are subject to height restrictions, see question above.

Can I book an adult wristband online?

No, adult wristbands (BLUE) are only sold in the ice cream shop at Fort Lucan. The ice cream shop is beside the Helter Skelter.

These are €10 per adult and allow for unlimited turns on the blue slide only. Wristbands must be worn, and these are not refundable or transferable.

Do Fort Lucan sell Gift Vouchers?

Yes, we do indeed! You can get gift vouchers through Turitop, our online booking partner (Do not select a date / time, instead tick I want it for a gift (no date))

Does Fort Lucan allow BBQ's?

No, for child safety we do not allow BBQ's (charcoal or gas) or any open flame in Fort Lucan.

Is there public transport to Fort Lucan?

There isn't a direct public transport route to Fort Lucan. We would suggest getting a bus to Lucan village and a taxi from Lucan Village to Fort Lucan.

Can I have my birthday party there?

Fort Lucan does not organise birthday parties etc, however you are welcome to book in online and hold the party yourself in Fort Lucan.

Please see further information on our party page.

Can adults use the Equipment?

No, Fort Lucan is a children’s playground and with the exception of the Raging River (Blue slide) and Crazy Golf, adults can not use any of the equipment or slides.

An adult can accompany a child in a raft on the Raging River (Blue slide), once the child is over 1M. Both adult and child must have the correct ticket / wristband (available for purchase in ice-cream shop)

What happens if an attraction is closed or there's bad weather?

While we endeavour to have all advertised attractions open, sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances an attraction may have to close. This may only be temporarily or for the duration of the day.

While we never wish to cause any disappointment, in the event of an attraction closure refunds will not be issued. Wristbands are valid for multiple use on multiple slides throughout Fort Lucan and are subject to height restriction which may limit available rides.

Fort Lucan regrets that refunds / return tickets or ticket transfers will not be issued due to inclement weather. If you come prepared you will still have a great day!  In the event that Fort Lucan must close the full park for safety reasons, a return ticket will be issued.

Do you have lockers or a storage area for my belongings / picnic?

There are no lockers / storage available here in the park but you are more than welcome to leave your picnic / belongings in the car and come back and forth! Please ensure you have your entry band on and make sure to tell our staff on the front gate and they will look after you!

How is disorderly behaviour managed in Fort Lucan?

In Fort Lucan we do not tolerate aggression, bullying, physical or verbal abuse to children, adults or staff. Anyone who attempts to ruin another person’s day out in Fort Lucan will be asked to leave immediately. We operate a 3 strike rule for school tours and groups.

In the interest of fairness any child that skips a que will be asked to go back to the end of the que.

Can children go to Fort Lucan on their own?

No child or children under the age of 18 will be admitted to Fort Lucan unless they are accompanied by an adult, who shall be 18 years or over. Adults must purchase an adult entry ticket. Children must remain under the control or supervision of an adult at all times. Fort Lucan is not a crèche and cannot be responsible for unaccompanied children. If children are left without an adult, the Gardaí will be called

What are the rules around discount codes?

Discount / Promo code (if applicable) entitles the customer at the time of booking, to a % saving on a new order placed online via the website for entry / wristband. Discount / Promo code does not apply to the party room, gift vouchers nor adult wristbands. Codes can not be applied retrospectively. Code is valid until the date of expiry stated on advertisement / email. Only one code can be used per transaction. They are not valid for use in Fort Lucan itself, only when booking online. Please note that discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with Gift Vouchers. Fort Lucan reserves the right to change discount / promo codes t&c's at any time.

Does Fort Lucan have special needs concession prices?

The carer of a child with disabilities or special needs may enter Fort Lucan free of charge (Adult wristband not included). Documentation is required in order to avail of this rate. Accepted forms of documentation are IAA Autism ID card, ASIAM card, Family Carers card (in the child's name), Snowflakes Autism Support Membership card, GP letter or hospital consultant letter.

One free carer per booking, ID required.

Please book a regular adult ticket through the website and bring your carers identification on the day. Please provide your carers identification upon check in to one of our entrance staff and we will be pleased to issue you with a refund, once we can see and verify your accepted form of ID.

Children's tickets must be booked as normal online and there is no refund for a child ticket, if the child is going to use the equipment.

Public Service Cards are not accepted independently as documentation but are considered with supplementary documentation.

A young carer (a child up to the age of 12) can enter Fort Lucan free of charge (wristband not included) if they provide their young carers card at the entrance desk (issued by Family Carers Ireland)

If you need any additional assistance with queuing etc please let any of our staff know on the day and we will do our very best to help.