The Raging River

Two massive waterslides with awesome bends, twists and drops... Hold on tight as you are launched into the twisting and disorientating blue tunnel or catch some air on the red watercoaster!

Please read through our points below, it's pretty much all you need to know!

  • Children ride down on inflatable rafts
  • Adults may only ride on the Blue Waterslide (Adult ticket required which can be purchased on the day in the ice-cream shop)
  • Children must be over 1m to ride the slide
  • You may get wet so pack a change of clothes!
  • On busy days, there can be big queues for this attraction
  • The Raging River will close 15 minutes prior to the time slot's closing time
  • Unfortunately, due to health & safety reasons, the Raging River must close when there is thunder and lightning
  • Children must go down two to a boat on the blue slide. (There must be 2 children or 1 child & 1 adult in each raft going down the blue slide)

An adult can accompany a child in a raft on the Raging River (Blue slide), once the child is over 1M. Both adult and child must have the correct ticket / wristband (available for purchase in ice-cream shop)